Where I am currently at as a striving musician!

So as session two of my first year of study comes to a close, a short exhibition of my current journey and process is calling. 

After completing eight units of study this year, I have come out with an array of new solo tunes, and even more cowritten tunes that are of some epic proportions compare to what I thought was possible to be created involving myself. Life in the northern rivers Australia has proved itself to be an amazing creative haven, like minded amazing people have assisted me in finding my feet in this place I now call home. My life as always moves fast and sometimes there is no right answer about where to go and what to do next, this still remains the case :D . . . 

In the short term future a trip down the east coast will see me getting to perform my new music to all those that are important to me, hopefully developing a few new friends and fan along the way. Dates are yet to be confirmed for a bunch of Sydney/South Coast events and will keep everything up to date on my website. 

I would like to make a mention to three people specifically who have been here throughout the majority of this amazing experience of mine, Mr Stu Black, for schooling me on the guitar from day one of university, driving the inner competitiveness inside me to improve my ability to what now forms some amazing salty tunes. Miss Madison Crisp for being involved in something special we have shared since we first wrote a song together, don't know what it is exactly, sometimes you drive me crazy but you are an amazing person and all that has happened this year would have been dull without your amazing vocal support to my guitar playing. Thirdly a new person in my life who has watched the ups, downs, round about circles of struggle, achievement and stupidity of it all Ngahina Belton-Bodsworth, you are an inspiration to my current life, great friend and pleasure to be around.

To all those important to me, new and old, the journey I embark on involves every one of you, stay tuned and stay close I will see you all soon!!