Born in Glasgow Scotland, arrived to Australian shores as a wee lad. Only thing left behind was his bagpipes. Growing up in suburban Sydney with an older brother influence, guitar playing began in early teen years. The passion was not uncovered though for several years. Extensive travel through the Indonesian jungles, fiery sands of Mexico, altitude of the Austrian Alps seen the two worlds for this young man collide. Combining a wealth of self growth and a rekindled flame for the guitar, Gary sought to the books to begin his extensive knowledge of the fret board. Scaling away he slid straight into an array of blues jams down the south east coast, being the limelight of the modern surf trip entertainment. A small stint in a local trio saw an amusing reception for his first stage performances. 90’s covers from Nirvana and Sublime began to align with his vocal register however he wasn't quite satisfied as this didn't allow him to express his inner angst for creativity.

A backpack, a travel guitar and a trip to a Cambodian treehouse seen a book filled with lyrical ideas and persuasive chord progressions to begin unleashing many hidden gems behind this groove hungry guitarist. Two major musical brain concepts came together on this trip, the urge to push this for a career and gigging ASAP upon touch down in Australia. The first step in the process was to tighten up a rusty vocal passage that wasn’t delivering the emotion his songwriting required.

Months of hard work and finalising minor song details seen Gary get his foot into the south coast live music scene, with some duo work and some solo acoustic sets, driving his signature chunk and stomp box combo. Unfortunately, this was short lived, university was on the cards and the south coast was to go on hold for the time being. Jamming his last show at the White Horse’s Anywhere Acoustic Sydney venue to a particularly busy house was a great way to inspire this young artist to indulge into the contemporary music program at Southern Cross University in Lismore.

A 1000km relocate to the beaches of East Ballina, a new study load and the promise of improved musical ability is what now inspires Gary to push his musical passion. Working with like minded musicians through various projects has undoubtedly improved Gary's overall musicianship, tasty blues chops to a smoothed clean vocal register to cut through a large array of cover tracks and many fresh originals. His current focus lies with a band project, accompanying newly established great friend Zac 'Black Rat' Abbott. Black Rat and The Bandits are a four piece blues influenced rock band, established in East Ballina through extensive summer jams and the bonding of great friendships. Gary's diverse comping and guitar soloing shines through in his roll with the band.

However he hasn't stopped here, just finishing a recording project over summer, leaves Gary D Edgar (stage name) with three freshly recorded blues tunes with a rhythmically astonishing drummer Jackson Somerville and deep resonating bass frequencies from Dom Kingsford. Produced by the Ballina legend, Stu 'Salty Dog' Black. 

The musical doorway has opened and the learning curves are winding and weaving, keep an eye out for the diverse array of sounds this man can produce and follow the progress of his journey.                                                                              

what else do i do?

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